Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Deer caught on camera

So, now that we know the game camera works (see we have been thinking of other uses for it. I put it at the back of the house and aimed it at the pile of droppings below the overhand (see and left it there for a couple of nights, but few of the photos had animals in them, and those that did just had our cats walking by.

There is a low spot in a fence behind our house, far from our enclosed garden (see, where we have seen deer jump over in the past. We mounted the camera on a tree, aimed it at that spot and left it there for 4 days.  Here is the result.  Amazing!  We got deer looking into the camera, deer walking away, bucks with horns, and does.  See the slide show in the side bar.  But only deer.  I was hoping we might see a fox, or coyote, or even a mountain lion.

It seems the deer come through here once or twice a day, so I put the camera back near that same spot.  The doe could be having babies in May, so hopefully we will get some pictures of spotted fauns in the future. We will keep you posted.

1 comment:

  1. Aint' Nature wonderful. Except for when your prized plants get et. Can't you make the fence higher? What do other people do in your area, just plant deer-proof specimens or hone their shooting skills? How about some loud noise-making gadget that will be triggered by the motion detector to scare them away?
    Or, you could get a dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!