Saturday, March 12, 2011

Little Spotted Beetles

Yesterday, I was working at my desk when I noticed 2 little spots on the pull cords of the blinds on my window. The spots were so small, at first I thought they were just specs of dirt, but on closer inspection I realized they were some sort of bug.  I got out my camera, put it in 'super macro' mode and took a few close-up pictures.

While these are not much to look at with the naked eye, they sure are interesting up close.  They look almost like a miniature lady bug, but with more interesting pied colors.  I had a little trouble finding the species, until I googled "tiny beetle" in the images section, and then I saw many photos of this critter.  They are 'carpet beetles', or 'varied carpet beetles,' Anthrenus verbasci.

Most of the references to this bug say that it eats natural fibers and is a pest that destroys carpet and and clothes, but come on, how much could this little guy eat?   He is only about 1/8" (3mm) long.   I hope he doesn't have a few thousand relatives nearby.


  1. I have been finding these little guys in my bedroom for over a week now only one or two at a time until today i felt a tickle on my arm looked down and saw one then i noticed one on the wall one on the ceiling and then when i got up to kill then i saw like 5 or 6 of them on my bedroom curtain they are starting to drive me nuts so i put one in a jar and went to google-ing.

  2. Did you figure out how to get rid of them? I have them in my kitchen and my bathroom. The more I kill the faster they appear.

  3. I've been Seeing these beetles in my room for the last couple months. Mostly I wake up and see one in my bed or around my window which is right next to my bed. And have only seen them once in the bathroom. If anyone had any idea how to get rid of them please post some ingo. Im tired of having these bugs in my room. Thanks

  4. It seems pheromone traps exist, but moth balls might work