Sunday, March 6, 2011

Those Nutty Nuthatches

There's a new bird in town, or perhaps I just haven't noticed them before.  Red Breasted Nuthatches, Sitta canadensis.  They are quite amusing to watch as they creep up and down the live oaks and monterey pines nearby.  Just like Spiderman, they crawl upside down on the underside of branches as easy as on the top.  I saw one find a bug or a nut or something in the crevice of the bark of a tree and then fly off with it in its beak.  We also watched a pair flittering about, possibly fighting over territory or mates?  Or perhaps it was simply a mating ritual?  They were chattering the whole time, but I could not understand a word they said.

These birds were not shy, they stuck to their work, inspecting every crevice in the bark of the tree as I snapped these photos.  

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