Monday, January 31, 2011

Masked bandit comes for dinner

In order to test our new game camera, (see we aimed it at the cat door from our deck, hoping to get pictures of our cats coming and going from our house.  We put it on a plant shelf and left it there for the night.  The next morning we grabbed the camera, and were we in for a surprise!

Most of the pictures showed just the cat door, with no cats coming or going.  A few showed Ninja and Paloosh--the felines--either entering or leaving the house, or hanging around at the cat door, but one series of three pictures clearly shows a RACCOON, approaching the cat door until his nose is just about touching it!  

Did he go inside?  We think 'yes'.  For the past month or two, it seemed like the cats were eating more than usual.  Some mornings their food bowls were completely empty and we wondered how they could eat that much food in one night. Putting two and two together, we believe that this raccoon has been coming into our house while we sleep, raiding the cat dishes in the kitchen and exiting before being caught!

We have now ordered an electronic cat door, one that stays locked until it senses a magnet on a cat's collar.  (Thanks to Brian for the idea)  When we get it and install it we will let you know if it works. 

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